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“The Giles Group did exactly what they promised. They rewrote our repair station manuals and training program, which led to both being FAA-accepted and approved.  They know what they’re doing and we’ll use them again as needed.”

Britton CoulsonVice President of Coulson AircraneCoulson Group

“The Giles Group quickly resolved our company’s issue with a FAA local office inconsistent interpretation of the regulations. With their extensive knowledge of regulatory policy and deep understanding of the FAA, our issue was resolved in record time. In addition, the FAA followed through with a policy clarification. Central Virginia Aviation is a highly-satisfied client.”

Chip HarrupPresident Central Virginia Aviation, Inc.

The Giles Group, Inc supported ATS Aviation Services during its FAA Repair Station Certification. ATS received its FAA approval and reported one of the FAA inspectors said, “This is one of the best set of manuals we’ve seen.”

ATS Aviation Services

“You and your team were very helpful in our journey to achieving our FAA Repair Station Certificate. The professionalism and work ethic of the Giles Group was exemplary and your knowledge of the regulations and the current FAA culture greatly enhanced our ability to finally reach this milestone. We will highly recommend The Giles Group to anyone in need of your services in the future.”

Dave VigneVice President, NIC Inspection Services

Meet the Team

Carol E. Giles, President

Since founding The Giles Group in 2011, Giles’s industry experience, regulatory knowledge, and relationships across aviation have contributed to crucial compliance solutions and resolutions for major airlines and leading MRO providers, as well as successful renewal certifications for U.S. and international maintenance facilities. She is also increasingly recognized as an effective expert witness.

In her post-FAA career, Giles developed training programs and presented workshops to support the U.S. Trade and Development Agency’s U.S.-Brazil Aviation Partnership and U.S.-India Aviation Cooperation Program. In addition, Giles serves as the regulatory liaison for a leading U.S. organization representing aviation service businesses. She serves on industry advisory boards and also provided regulatory support and technical assistance to an industry/government advisory rulemaking committee that made recommendations to the FAA on safety oversight and approvals.

Previously, Giles led the FAA’s aviation maintenance division. As the lead for the global MRO industry, she represented the FAA on U.S. and international aircraft maintenance policy groups, provided strategic counsel to top FAA officials, led FAA-industry teams, and served as National Transportation Safety Board member John Goglia’s special assistant. Giles also developed a series of aviation maintenance best practices documents.

An FAA-certificated Private Pilot, Giles holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate. In her pre-FAA career, she was an AMT for a regional Part 121/135 operator and served as a Flight Platoon Sgt., Flight Engineer for the Alaska ArmyNational Guard.

Stefan Keller, Chief Operating Officer

Keller was named Chief Operating Officer in September 2019 after five years with The Giles Group, most recently as Senior Associate where he led and coordinated projects across the country and world. His focus has been on providing FAA certification support to aeronautical repair stations worldwide, implementing safety risk management assessments of safety management and quality systems, and using data collection tools to gather and analyze safety and compliance data.

Prior to joiningThe Giles Group, Keller worked for the FJ Leonelli Group for 12 years. In that role Keller was instrumental in writing operations and maintenance manuals, helping applicants comply with regulatory requirements, and performing safety audits of foreign and domestic airlines. He also conducted research for the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center on unmanned aircraft systems, cybersecurity, corrosion prevention and control programs, terminal area safety, training programs for part 145 repair station personnel, and air carrier continuing analysis and surveillance systems.

A member of the Civil Air Patrol, he is a Certificated Flight Instructor and private pilot working on his ATP rating.

Frederick J. Leonelli, Strategic Advisor

The Giles Group’s capabilities are enhanced by its partnership with former FAA regulatory executive Fred Leonelli. Since 1996, Leonelli has led the FJ Leonelli Group (FJLG) in developing strategies and safety solutions for clients worldwide, including U.S. and international airlines, repair stations, manufacturers, foreign civil aviation authorities, universities, associations, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the FAA.

Prior to starting FJLG, Leonelli led the FAA aircraft maintenance division as the senior executive responsible for implementing regulations and overseeing compliance. He advised FAA’s top officials on all areas of aircraft maintenance. Previously, he gained crucial field experience with by serving as a regional manager.

Leonelli holds a number of FAA certificates, including Airline Transport Pilot multi-engine fixed-wing, ATP Helicopter, and Commercial Pilot single-engine fixed-wing. An FAA Certificated Flight Instructor, he also holds an Airframe and Powerplant certificate.

Michael Anderson, Director of Business Development

Michael Anderson has more than 30 years in commercial aviation. An experienced executive of large organizations, Anderson leads by example, enthusiasm, and energy. He led maintenance and logistics organizations through growth and performance initiatives while realizing gains in performance, margins, and customer satisfaction. He excels at strategic planning, process improvement, budget forecast and achievement, developing and executing operational plans, in short, turning complex programs into success stories.

After a successful career in maintenance and logistics, which included serving as Vice President / General Manager for the HAECO Americas (formerly TIMCO Aviation Services) Greensboro, NC, MRO facility, Anderson decided to use his considerable experience and extensive aviation network to help aviation companies expand their business opportunities and capabilities as well as improve their facilities, programs, and processes.

Anderson holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate and is a graduate of Wichita State University.

Steve Boyd

Steve Boyd’s decades of aviation experience bring extensive knowledge of design and certification of airplanes and systems. His M.S. from Virginia Tech in human factors engineering, combined with his FAA and manufacturing experience, give him deep understanding of human factors as an integral aspect of design. At Boeing he was responsible for human factors certification for all flight decks and at FAA he was instrumental in developing aircraft certification regulations and policies. Boyd is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Tom Burke

Tom Burke has more than 30 years of regulatory experience, including serving as an FAA principal maintenance inspector overseeing airlines and international repair stations. His greatest expertise is powerplant maintenance. In his post-FAA career, Burke has been instrumental in the certification of new foreign repair stations and globally implementing regulations and U.S. airworthiness policy.

Barbara Capron

Barbara Capron brings The Giles Group key technical and regulatory experience. A former FAA Aviation Safety Inspector and now president of Aviation Regulatory Compliance Specialists, Capron provides services for aviation companies applying for or maintaining their FAA certificates. She provides expert guidance in the Type Certification, Production Certification, and Airworthiness Certification processes. In addition, she performs compliance audits for Production Approval Holders, MROs, and distributors. A member of the International Aerospace Quality Group and the Americas Aerospace Quality Group, she volunteers for both groups as a regulatory compliance specialist. She has a master’s degree in aeronautical science, safety systems and human factors from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and has taught at the FAA Academy and Singapore Aviation Academy, among others.

Gary Goodwin

Gary Goodwin has more than 40 years of civil aviation experience with key airline maintenance and operations experience as well as high-level U.S. regulatory experience. At the FAA, Goodwin was Senior Advisor for Airworthiness and Operations. He initiated and chaired a Maintenance Review Board for a transport category aircraft that led to minimum requirements for airworthiness for a Part 25 aircraft and managed flight test. His regulatory experience also includes certification of small and transport category aircraft and repair stations under CFR 23, 25, 27, 29, 117, 119, 121, 125, 129, 133, and 145.

Tony Janco

Tony Janco’s civil aviation experience includes part 121 line maintenance and technical support. After working with air carriers, his first FAA position was Aviation Safety Inspector, Airworthiness. Janco capped his FAA career as Aircraft Maintenance Division Senior Advisor where he applied his technical expertise and writing ability to produce technical documents for internal FAA as well as external audiences. A U.S. Air Force veteran, he holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate and volunteers as an Aviation and Space Education Counselor.

Lynn Jensen

Lynn Jensen has 40 years of regulatory experience. At FAA, he led the Flight Standards Service International Program, which included responsibility for IASA, international harmonization, and air carrier international code-share review. Also at FAA, Jensen oversaw the National Aviation Safety Inspection Program, Flight Standards Service training, and safety analysis of daily air carrier operations.

Rusty Jones

Rusty Jones is a nationally recognized aviation maintenance expert in Nondestructive Inspection (NDI), composites and regulatory compliance, aging aircraft, and additive manufacturing. Before joining FAA he capped his commercial airline career as NDI manager for a major carrier. His most recent FAA position was Senior Technical Specialist NDI/Composites Materials Maintenance. He has deep knowledge of certification and operational aviation regulations and extensive background in developing maintenance programs and structural maintenance/inspection programs, including MSG-3- based programs. Jones is also expert in supplemental inspection requirements, inspection and records review, EWIS, WFD, and flammability reduction regulations.

Kenneth Kerzner

Kenneth Kerzner has more than three decades of aviation experience, including key FAA leadership positions and serving as maintenance manager for Eastern Air Lines. At the FAA, Kerzner developed crucial safety oversight programs, including the Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program (VDRP) and Flight Standards Evaluation Program (FSEP). He also led the Flight Standards Service’s successful ISO 9001 certification effort and was QMS Management Representative. Kerzner is an ISO Registrar Accreditation Board-certified auditor.

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny has more than four decades of civil aviation experience, both in commercial and general aviation. After his military service, he joined United Airlines and progressed through the ranks, retiring as a Manager in Engineering. Kenny’s specialty areas include airworthiness, safety and operational process review, ISO-9000 compliance auditing, and technical writing. An FAA-certificated Airline Transport Pilot, Kenny holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate and is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Chris Leonard

Chris Leonard brings The Giles Group more than 30 years experience in regulatory compliance, quality management, and training. She serves on multiple FAA issues committees, notably the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee. Her manufacturing background includes serving as manager of delegation quality and compliance, ODAR administrator, PMA quality manager, and designated repair station inspector. A proficient project manager and technical writer, Leonard develops maintenance control procedures and writes and coordinates FAA and DoD regulatory training manuals. Founder of the International Society of Aviation Maintenance Professionals, she holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate.

Renato “Reni” Lutz

Reni Lutz has operational and regulatory aviation experience. His avionics experience includes line troubleshooting, aircraft modifications, and shop work. In his 27-year FAA career, he conducted air carrier and repair station oversight, including numerous certifications. His international regulatory work includes Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, as well as serving as Germany County Coordinator, which involved coordinating EASA and FAA relationships. His degree is in materials science engineering, with emphasis on aerospace composites. Lutz speaks fluent German and passable French.

Lynn McCloud Dorfman

Lynn McCloud Dorfman has 35 years of FAA, NTSB, and airline communications experience. She has written speeches, testimony, and op-ed articles for NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman, two FAA administrators, and two US Airways CEOs. Also at FAA, she served as special assistant for communications to the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety. Her experience at US Airways includes media relations, crisis communications, and marketing communications.

Mark Rudo

Mark Rudo brings extensive experience in engineering, quality management, technical services, reliability, technical documentation, and maintenance programs to The Giles Group. A recent position, after a 25-year engineering organization career with US Airways, was Vice President Quality, ODA, and Product Support at ALOFT AeroArchitects. He received BS and MS degrees in engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. A registered Professional Engineer, he holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate and has been an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) and Designated Alteration Station (DAS) member. An active Civil Air Patrol member, Rudo is a commercial pilot with instrument, multi-engine airplane, sailplane, and helicopter ratings.

Max Schmitter

Max Schmitter has nearly three decades of regulatory experience, which includes air carrier and general aviation oversight. He has worked on initial certifications, proving/validation testing, ETOPS, and has extensive experience with air carrier safety management systems and voluntary reporting programs. Schmitter holds an Airline Transport Pilot license for airplane multi-engine land and helicopter with type ratings in three aircraft and is a Certificated Flight Instructor (Gold Seal).

Wayne Trzeciak

With more than three decades of aviation aftermarket supply chain and logistics experience, Wayne Trzeciak brings an added dimension of expertise to The Giles Group.  He has in-depth knowledge and experience in approved supplier programs, export and dangerous goods compliance, material operational readiness for repair stations, tool metrology control and compliance, as well as  inventory management and evaluation.  A U.S. Navy veteran, Trzeciak has managed OEM aircraft maintenance programs, led aftermarket parts support operations for various established OEMs and MRO providers. Trzeciak is a Six Sigma Champion and is also experienced in Lean Manufacturing and the 5S System.