Article: Summer, 2019

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It really isn’t your father’s FAA anymore. Anyone reading this remember when a certain term, which included a reference to hard-toed footwear, was used to describe aviation’s favorite regulator? That one doesn’t fly so well any longer.

Check out my article in the new issue of Aviation Business Journal on The FAA Compliance Program: Moving from Beat Cop to Community Policing.

Article: December, 2018

Check out my article  We Can Do It: Combating Aviation’s Workforce Challengesin the 2018 4th quarter issue of the National Air Transportation Association’s Aviation Business Journal. 

There’s a lot to do to make sure we have a steady supply of aviation maintenance technicians and pilots and NATA is taking a lead role.

Press Release: November 29, 2017


Silver Spring, MD, Nov. 29, 2017 – International aviation consultancy The Giles Group announced today that it successfully worked with Southern Sky Aviation of Birmingham, Ala., to support the repair station receiving its initial FAA part 145 certification.

“In all my experience inside and out of the FAA, this may be the quickest and most efficient repair station certification,” said Carol E. Giles, president of The Giles Group.

In early August, Southern Sky contacted The Giles Group for assistance. An agreement covering the necessary tasks to support an initial FAA certification, including submitting a part 145 application and producing manuals and other documentation, was reached between the two parties. The work began in September in earnest; the FAA issued the certification on November 16.

“What made the process so smooth,” Giles added, “was the leadership and professionalism of the FAA’s Alabama and Northwest Florida FSDO, our team’s depth of knowledge and experience in certifications, and Southern Sky stepping up with dedicated personnel to get the job done.”

“It really helps to bring in experts who understand the regulations and the importance of following proper procedures,” said Bo Andrews, president, Southern Sky Aviation. “As for the FAA, in every contact we had, it was clear they wanted us to succeed and to succeed on behalf of safety.”

The Giles Group performs safety assessments and regulatory compliance audits, assists operators and repair stations incorporate Safety Management Systems, and develops and delivers training programs. Clients include air carriers and business aviation operators, maintenance organizations, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, and foreign civil aviation authorities.

Press Release: June 26, 2017

The Giles Group announced today that it named Steve Boyd and Tony Janco as Senior Associates,

“Steve Boyd has extensive experience in airplane and systems design and certification , while Tony Janco’s background is in aircraft maintenance, technical support, and document production,” said President Carol E. Giles. “They both bring critical capabilitiesy to help meet the safety and operational needs of our growing global customer base.”

Press Release: June 6, 2016

The Giles Group announced on June 6, 2016, that Michael (Mike) Anderson is the new director of business development. “Mike’s distinguished 30-year career in aviation management, his deep knowledge of safety regulation and processes, and his commitment to best practices makes him a perfect fit for our business,” said President Carol E. Giles. Early in his career he worked for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and then Lockheed Aircraft Company. Before serving as Vice President / General Manager for the HAECO Americas (formerly TIMCO Aviation Services) Greensboro, NC, MRO facility, he was Senior Vice President Operations at Mobile Aerospace Engineering. A graduate of Wichita State University, Anderson holds an FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate.

Article: July-August, 2015

Aero Safety World CoverCheck out my article on “The ABCs of Aviation Maintenance Manuals” in the July-August 2015 issue of AeroSafety World, the flagship publication of the Flight Safety Foundation. I talk about the importance of accuracy, balance, and clarity in maintenance manuals — principles that certainly apply to operations manuals. Just as important as the ABCs is execution, which means using the manual, the prescribed procedure, every time.

The magazine is on the Flight Safety Foundation website. FSF members have access to the new issue. Non-members can download the article here.